“Style By Jury” Increases My Fury

“Style By Jury” yet another show that people go on to be criticized for their appearance. Just a brief message to the powers that be in televison: WHY!? Must we be tortured so? Everytime I sit down in front of the television I feel like I’m receiving Clockwork Orange style rehabilitation. For those orange3who don’t know.. that’s being strapped to a chair with your eyes pryed open while you are bombarded with horse shit imagery.

Are the minds of televison writers so desolate that we need another makeover show? Enough with the makeovers, weight loss, home improvement, and shows about why rich people are superior life forms. Who really gives a shit? Who really cares what people look like? And most importantly why should it matter? Just have a show called “Sucks to be You” and scrutinize every minute detail of a person down to the eyelash that’s poorly proportioned to the nose. Why not continue increasing the eating disorders and mental illnesses that are sweeping the country?

We don’t need any more reasons to hate ourselves.. life sucks on it’s own. Everybody would change at least one thing about themselves but what about things that are important? You got breast implants? Congrats they’re eventually gonna sag worse than granny’s. You got veneers? Awesome! Mister Ed needs a stunmred7vjt double. You got a facelift? Fantastic! Now you can blink your lips. Give me a break.

I’m going to write a show called “Asshole” and you know what we’re going to criticize? Women who act like nobel prize winners because they have a nice rack. Read a friggen book! Men who think they’re awesome because they hook up with all kinds of chicks. The girls who think those guys actually care. He put it in you.. he does not love you. Get it right.

Part of what makes us humans superior creatures are our brains. Could we try to use them? I promise it’ll only hurt for a second!

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