The problem with “reality”

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It's a pretty picture.. end of story.

The term “reality” is defined in several ways when in actuality it is quite simple: If you can see it, touch it, taste it, hear it, or smell it.. it’s real. End of story. Enough of this modern and postmodern philosophizing that sounds something like.. “Blah blah blah.. nothing is actually real.”

Ok.. while you live your science fiction convoluted version of “we’re not really here”, I’ll walk my dog, drink a cup of coffee, have a cigarette, eat some food and have a couple beers. n19802589_30535407_8505

The problem really began when someone decided to distinguish between subjective and objective reality. Essentially, the idea with “subjective” is that everyone has their “own” reality. I suppose that’s why when everyone else said “Oh my god bombs are falling!” someone else said “Yay fireworks!” By the way.. that was probably me. Anywhoozle.. there is a term for people who see things differently in spite of evidence: DELUSIONAL. 3348387262_b1f52c89ac

Someone unworthy of notation once said: “The pen has a secret life more intense than most humans.” Uhh…… yeah, you know my Bic Ultimate has a collection of leatherbound books and is getting it on with one kinky paperclip.

Get freaky!

Get freaky!

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