Nike says it’s ok to be curvy

In a new ad campaign known as “Here I am”, Nike is encouraging the booty inclined women of the world to embrace their curves. That’s fantastic, although it is a bit ironic that a fitness brand is promoting curves. The gesture is most greatly appreciated, however it still caters to the broomstick with a head standard that dominates the world. Basically, Nike is telling women “Have a nice badunk, but make sure you buy our sneakers, do some lunges and round it out.” I am not particularly for the whole sexist argument because quite frankly, it is irrelevant. Nevertheless fitness and self acceptance inevitably counteract each other.

I applaud the folks over at who are praising the new ad. That alone should eliminate this entire sexist argument. It is most interesting though.. Most men claim to like chicks with “more to love”, “curves”, “more cushion for the pushin'” etc. Still, as they give the thumbs up to these things they still pursue the slim, fake baked, half naked, gallon makeup wearing clones formerly known as women. It’s hard to believe you love those gorgeous curvy women when you have photographs of 4 other women whose upper arms I could fit my hand around just an inch away.

All I’m saying is be honest. You all want the fit piece yet claim to love the curvy and voluptuous. If you did that’s what would be on your sites. No hostility here, I’m just baffled by the conflicting claims that men make.

Nice try Nike, but men are men. They see a great butt in fitted shorts, not the underlying social critique.

Killing Barbie.

Killing Barbie.

Here is this curvy gals stance on the social norm and to each his own.

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